Safety Comfort with Gathers

Toss and turn all you want with Safety Comfort with Gathers! It is specially designed to give you 360° leakage protection so you can sleep soundly through the night. Not only can it absorb up to +115%* of fluids, it also boasts additional features like:

  • W-Shaped Cushion – Follows your body contours for a perfectly snug fit to prevent any gaps between your skin and the napkin surface to prevent back leakage.
  • Safety Fit Gathers – raised sides gather and prevent side leakage.

Like our Safety Comfort range, it also boasts Laurier’s innovative Quick Lock & Quick Dry Technology with 2x faster absorption and is 5x drier!
*In Comparison with our company’s previous range.

Safety Comfort with Gathers – Heavy Night 35cm 8s

Safety Comfort with Gathers – Extra Heavy Night 40cm (4s & 8s)


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