Super Slimguard

Amazingly absorbent yet comfortable and thin. The new and improved Laurier Super Slimguard has exceptional absorbency, comfort and protection, all with 1mm ultra thinness. You are now free to pursue the activities you love and enjoy a good night’s sleep even during heavy flow days! Laurier Super Slimguard, confidence round the clock.

  • 1mm thin ultra absorbent sheet: It’s so thin and comfortable that you barely feel it’s there! Enjoy the freedom to wear whatever you want and feel confident and look fabulous even during that time of the month.
  • 200x ultra absorbent: No flow is ever too heavy for this ultra absorbent sheet which can absorb 200x of fluid
  • Extra speedy absorbency: Enhanced with Japan’s slit-core technology, it absorbs and lock in liquid instantly even during sudden gushes
  • Ultra dryness with high breathability: Feel and stay comfortable with a quick dry surface that reduces 80% of fluids on the surface 


Super Slimguard Day – Light Flow 17cm 20s

Super Slimguard Day – Normal to Heavy with Wings 22.5cm 20s

Super Slimguard Day – Normal to Heavy with Wings & Safety Gathers 22.5cm 18s

Super Slimguard Day – Normal to Heavy with Wings 25cm 16s


Super Slimguard Night – Normal to Heavy with Wings 30cm 16s

Super Slimguard Night – Heavy with Wings 35cm 8s


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