Active Fit Pantyliners

The most beautiful thing you can wear is all day confidence. With ultra thin Laurier Active Fit pantyliners, confidence is easier than ever to achieve! Its special “Stay-Dry” surface absorbs discharge quickly , allowing you to stay fresh and confident throughout the day!

  • “Stay-Dry” Surface: Locks in discharge, keeping you clean, dry and fresh
  • 360 Degrees Breathability: Extra breathable top and back sheet reduces stuffiness so you’ll barely feel it’s there
  • Anti-Bunching: Special Cushion helps to keep pantyliner’s shape
Active Fit Pantyliners

Active Fit – Safety Long & Wide 40s

Active Fit – Deodorant AG+ 36s

Active Fit – Non-Scented 40s

Active Fit – Scented 40s

Laurier Active Fit Japanese Pantyliner Range

Active Fit – 100% Natural Cotton (Made in Japan) 54s

Active Fit – AG+ Unscented (Made in Japan) 62s

Active Fit – AG+ Rose Scented (Made in Japan) 62s

Active Fit – Unscented (Made in Japan) 72s

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