Superguard Sanitary Panties

Introducing Laurier Superguard, one of the most popular Sanitary Panties brands in Japan!
Specially imported from Japan by Laurier, Singapore’s No. 1^ Sanitary Napkin Brand.

Laurier Superguard Sanitary Panties are specially designed panties to be worn during periods together with a sanitary pad, providing an extra protection. Unlike normal panties, it boasts of unique and additional features to keep your sanitary pad in place, hence preventing leakages.

  • Safety Fit Seam: Hugs the buttock shape, prevents the pad from shifting and effectively preventing back leakage.
  • Pad Stabilizer*: Presses the pad against the body and prevents the pad from sliding and bunching caused by body movement, thus effectively preventing side leakage.
    *Patented in Japan (Japan Patent No. 3913051)
  • Special Wing Pocket: Allows pad wings to be tucked in, avoiding instances where the wings become unstuck from the panty due to vigorous leg movement.

Easy to wash material.

Panties Measurements by Hip Size:

  • M: 87 – 95 cm / 34 – 37 inches
  • L: 92 – 100 cm / 36 – 39 inches

^Kao Singapore Pte Ltd’s calculation based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its Nielsen Market Track service for the Sanitary napkins segment for January 2016 – December 2016 period, for the Singapore total grocery market.
(Copyright © 2017, The Nielsen Company.)

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