Our Story

At Laurier, we see ourselves as more than just a leading brand in sanitary protection, but a friend who listens, cares and knows what women want.

We are about empowering women to live life to the fullest and nothing should stop them from having the time of their life, not even periods. Which is why we believe that although we can’t change periods, we sure can change the way you feel about them.

Our products are designed with Kao Japan’s advanced technology for dependable and high quality sanitary protection products. With maximum absorbency and comfort in mind, our users can feel free and confident to follow their dreams.

Laurier’s logo is inspired by laurel leaves which were used to design victor’s crown in ancient Greece, representing glory and victory.

The darker leaf on the left represents the strength and determination a woman possesses while the lighter shade on the right represents the tenderness within her.┬áReaching out and opening to the sky, the young leaves symbolise the freedom and preciousness of a woman’s life, carrying our wish for all women to have the courage to pursue their dreams.

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