All About Periods

Understanding Your Period

The men just don’t get it, too they? Periods truly are a girl thing – Literally! As much as it can be a hassle, a regular period is sign that your body is healthy and functioning normally.

It’s important to understand your body and how it works before you can tackle the issue. Changing your mindset and perception towards your period can help reduce the monthly irritations and discomfort, so it’s important to educate women on proper period care.


Puberty is the period when the body undergoes various changes as it transitions from adolescence to adulthood. The process happens gradually and spans across a few years, typically taking place when a girl is between 8-14 years old. One of the first physical changes that take place is breast development, followed by the presence of hair at the genitals and underarms.

Progressing further into puberty, girls would undergo a growth spurt where she develops assets that transition her into more of a woman. As she gets closer to getting her first period, the abdominal and hip area may also tend to grow and get bigger.

The first period, also known as menarche (read as men-are-key) typically occurs between the ages of of 9-12 years old. Once menstruation has begun in a girl, her growth spurt will start to slow down. She may also notice changes in her complexion, such as developing oily skin and pimples, and she also may develop a stronger body odour than before.

Apart from just physical changes, puberty is also a time in which there is an increased production of hormones. This leads to a girl being more sensitive and emotional.

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